Carpet Shampooing – A Breakdown of the Benefits

carpet shampooing

5 Primary Benefits of Carpet Shampooing

A properly cleaned carpet is an essential part of any homeowner’s experience. Having family in town, hosting a party, or simply enjoying your own living space can be severely dampened by a dirty, uncleaned carpet. A carpeted floor will also grab and hold onto dirt more easily than hardwood or laminate flooring, so it’s necessary to take good care of your carpet. Carpet shampooing can go a long way towards that goal. But how should you go about it?

The task isn’t simple, so a professional carpet shampooing service is always recommended. You can hire CleanCo here in Spokane, WA! However, trust us when we say that having a consistent yearly carpet cleaning will help increase the overall longevity and look of your carpet and the enjoyment you get out of your home.

Keep reading if you’re looking to brighten up your space and keep your house clean and free of collected dirt. We’ve collected some of our best recommendations and tips from our panel of experts to help you determine why carpet shampooing can help you bring a new level of cleanliness into your home.

Why Should I Get My Carpet Professionally Shampooed?

At this point, you’re looking to get your home back into shape. Your carpet’s probably seen a decade or two of use, and the wear-and-tear is finally starting to show. Heavily walked-over areas, mysterious stains, and off-putting smells have finally convinced you to either clean your carpet or eliminate it.

However, before rolling up your old carpeting, let’s look at some of the benefits of having a professional carpet cleaners come through and rejuvenate your living environment.

You Won’t Have to Replace Your Carpet As Often.

One of the primary benefits of having your carpet cleaned yearly is that it will dramatically increase the life of your carpet. Having your floor’s energy go up from 5 years with no cleaning to over 20 years with regular cleaning is a huge reason to have carpet shampooing done.

This wear-and-tear occurs due to a build-up of dirt and dust particles within the carpet’s fabric. Vacuuming regularly can help get some dirt out of your carpeting but setting up a scheduled appointment with a professional service will also ensure you get the most life out of your carpet possible.

Your Living Space Will Be Healthier

You’ve probably heard hundreds of different claims about what can or can’t make your home environment less healthy, but this is something to consider. Dust and allergens in your rug can quickly be picked up in the air you breathe, leading to nasty consequences. If you let your carpet go too long without cleaning, mold can even start growing between the fibers of your floor. Yuck!

It’s essential to have excellent air quality, especially at home. Our professional carpet shampooing service uses hot water extraction and high-quality carpet shampoo to get all those nasty bugs out of your carpet and make your house much cleaner and healthier.

The Aesthetics of Your Home Will Be Better

There’s nothing more off-putting than going into a friend or family member’s home, looking down, and realizing the home’s carpet is a greyish off-white color with ominous stains, and… “is that coffee or blood?” If you’re learning this may be the case for your living space, it’s probably time to get your carpet shampooed.

Having our team of experts clean your carpet is one of the best ways to instantly brighten your living space and create an atmosphere that won’t send your guests running for the hills. A clean carpet is a must if you’re a fan of hosting events and parties.

Unpleasant Odors Will Be Removed

An ugly-looking carpet will ruin the vibe of anyone’s home, but worse is a living room or hallway that smells musty and dank. More than anything else in your home, Carpeted floors will hold onto any odors you have floating around your house that would otherwise be gone with some simple air freshener.

The best way to get those stubborn smells out of your floors is to hire a cleaning service. Our experts at CleanCo use the best equipment to ensure that any odors you find infiltrating your home are gone instantly.

A Professional Service Is More Effective Than A DIY Cleaning

If you’ve read through these last few points and are convinced to singlehandedly tackle the task of performing your own carpet shampooing, hold on! Cleaning any carpeted flooring is not a project best done with a sponge and a bottle of Head & Shoulders. Tough stains, stubborn odors, and unhealthy particles need precise equipment, water temperature, and cleaning solutions to get out.


Want to Try Something Different? CleanCo Has a Better Option.

Now, while discussing the benefits of shampooing carpets, we should also explain that there’s a better option. If you’ve ever rented one of those “at home” cleaners from the grocery store, you’ve probably left behind a ton of residues and possibly some of the soapy “scum.” We’re sorry to be the ones to tell you that if you have used these, your carpet may not be as clean as you think.

However, using an eco-friendly carpet protectant called “GreenGuard,” we can clean your carpets without leaving behind residues that can be a part of carpet shampooing. When you hire CleanCo, we’ll be using these carpet protectants by default, so you don’t have to worry about shampoo anymore.

Our extraction technology works a little differently than conventional cleaning methods, so if you’d like to try us, don’t hesitate to contact us today, and we’ll explain how it works and get you scheduled as soon as possible.

If you want to get some new life out of your carpet, contact CleanCo at 509-892-1922. We’re the leading professional carpet cleaning service in Spokane, WA.

We have all the necessary tools to ensure that you get your home environment back into shape with thorough carpet cleaning from CleanCo. Remember, CleanCo is IICRC certified, so you know you’re dealing with legitimate cleaning technicians.



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