Importance of a Truck Mounted Air Duct Cleaning System

truck mounted air duct cleaning

The two most common ways duct cleanings happen are through a portable vacuum system or a truck mounted air duct cleaning system. 

A portable vacuum system is typically brought into the home or business to be cleaned, with a rotating brush used to dislodge debris before it’s sucked up. The process is simple and pretty straightforward, but there are downsides to this type of cleaning.

Clean air quality is a must in your place of business or your home. If you’re due for an HVAC cleaning and have been trying to find the best expert help, you’ve probably come across a few different ways air ducts are cleaned.

On the other hand, there’s a truck mounted air duct cleaning system. This variety creates an incredibly strong vacuum powered by an engine (or another secondary motor).

By using a more potent motor than a smaller portable cleaner, the probability of getting all that harmful debris from your HVAC system will be much higher. 

Ideally, you want to have as clean a system as possible, and a truck-mounted service will be the way to do it.

However, there’s more to this process than just a powerful vacuum…

Keeping The Debris Contained

With a portable vacuum, the likelihood of dust escaping the hose and returning to the house is much higher. The container is smaller and will often be sitting in the room that’s being cleaned.

Because it’s in the same room, contaminants can leak back into the space. We imagine that if you want your air ducts cleaned, you probably want them to stay clean. This is why it’s vital to have a truck-mounted system brought in.

One of the best benefits of a truck-mounted air duct cleaning service is that all the nasty dirt and debris is immediately whisked out of your business or home into a receptacle outside. 

The chance of recontamination is super low, which is excellent news for any office or homeowner.

The container, hose, and engine creating the vacuum are all significantly larger. The ample space means more is coming out of the air ducts and going into the container, NOT back into your room.

A Larger Hose Means More Gets Sucked Up

Tennis balls, socks, pieces of drywall, and even mice? Yes, it might sound surprising, but all these larger debris forms can make their way into your HVAC system. 

A portable vacuum service will have a more challenging time getting rid of all that extra junk due to two major flaws in its design: it lacks the necessary power, and the hose itself is not built for it.

A truck-mounted hose can be as large as 12″ in diameter, which is plenty big if you need some serious HVAC cleaning. 

As well as that, the superior power that a truck-mounted air duct cleaning system provides means all forms of debris are coming out.

Our truck-mounted air duct cleaning systems can pull thousands of cubic feet of air efficiently and quickly. Compare that to a portable device, which can maybe pull a few hundred, and you’ll see how extreme the difference can be.

For any commercial air duct cleaning, this is especially great news. Having your HVAC system running through a larger space means more dust will accumulate, not to mention other forms of nasty debris.

Using a larger hose (alongside a more powerful engine and enormous container), you’ll find the breathing space of your office and business much cleaner than other duct cleaning services.

Versatility And Adaptability

With a portable vacuum system, brushes are about the only way to dislodge that hard-to-get debris. This can get some dirt out of the ducts, but not all of it.

A truck mounted air duct cleaning can utilize a lot more than just brushes. Compressed air, sanitizing spray, and intense power contribute to a much better and more versatile cleaning service.

As mentioned earlier, for business owners, this is vital. A truck mounted air duct cleaning can negate any increased buildup in a large space spanning multiple rooms.

For homeowners, a truck-mounted service is undoubtedly the better option as well. A smaller space is just as vulnerable to poor air quality, and thorough cleaning can help eliminate that problem.

CleanCo WA makes sure to pull out all the stops to guarantee you are getting the best possible service for your money. 

Outside of the actual air ducts themselves, we sanitize the drain pan, blower motor, heating/cooling unit, and evaporator coil as needed.

Truck Mounted Air Duct Cleaning is The Real Deal

Many smaller cleaning companies are looking to show up, run through a basic HVAC cleaning service, charge you an arm and a leg, and leave. 

The air quality of your home and business may be slightly cleaner, but it won’t be as clean as it could be nor for nearly as long, and it certainly isn’t worth what some people are charging.

At CleanCo WA, you won’t have to worry about tricks or half-done jobs. Instead, we ensure our clients know they’re getting the real deal with some of the best HVAC cleaning technology, including our truck mounted air duct cleaning.

We offer services in and around the Spokane & Spokane Valley region. So, we’ve got you covered for our clients out in Deer Park, Cheney, Coeur d’Alene, and even smaller towns like Worley or Hayden.

Our air duct cleaning technicians thoroughly evaluate and clean the HVAC systems assigned – we want our clients to sleep soundly knowing the job was done correctly after we’ve been to their homes. 

Our process always begins with an initial inspection of the entire system itself. We want to figure out precisely what needs to be done before we ever press the “On” button for our robust truck mounted duct cleaning systems.

At CleanCo WA, we prioritize the cleanliness and quality of our clients’ air duct systems over easy and fast jobs. We want to ensure our local customers have the best air quality in their homes and businesses.

If you’re interested in scheduling a visit, call us at 509-892-1922. We’d love to ensure you have all your air duct cleaning needs taken care of by the best possible service technicians in the Spokane & Coeur D’ Alene area! 

We take great pride in having obtained over 275+ (and counting) 5 Star Reviews on Google. We hope the next one comes from you! 

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