The Real Truth About Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning

Like any other furnishings or décor, carpets are susceptible to dust and dirt and this is what makes carpet cleaning so necessary. They may be cleaned by vacuuming or sweeping them up with a special sweeper (like a Swiffer). Clean carpets in your house can brighten and warm the atmosphere while making your home feel comfier. 

Many Spokane & Coeur D’ Alene homeowners choose professional carpet and rug cleaning services to maintain carpets and keep them in good shape. While some of these treatments might temporarily return carpets to their bright, clean appearance, many of these cleaning firms have a dirty little secret that they aren’t telling you…

The Dirty Secret About Carpet Cleaning That Nobody Tells You About

Traditional carpet cleaning processes in Spokane, Washington, have included hazardous chemicals like chlorine and other harsh chemicals. These detergents capture dirt, particles, and minerals from the carpet during cleaning but can harm your family or your pets.

Many families in Spokane and Coeur D’Alene have complained that their carpets are dirty and dull just a few weeks after being cleaned by experts. Wonder why? Their detergents may leave a slight residue that attracts dirt, which some carpet cleaning businesses will not tell you. This means carpets will become dirtier much quicker due to the cleaning processes used.

This little-known truth about the cleaning technique aids carpet cleaners in ensuring that consumers will require future carpet and rug cleaning services. Families are more inclined to contact their carpet cleaners again when the dust and grime reappear quickly.

Why Would We Be Telling All of This?

We’re sharing this dirty industry secret with you because we can offer you a new carpet cleaning solution that has revolutionized the industry. Our processes clean your carpets far more thoroughly than any detergent in a retail environment. We can remove residues from the floors as we clean and will leave zero harmful chemicals behind.

What is this fantastic new product called? It’s known as Green Guard. This carpet protector is meant to keep your family and the environment safe.

Deionized water is the purest form of water available. Deionized water has no contaminants, which is the most sterile water possible. The advantage of deionized water is that it leaves no residue and uses no harmful chemicals. We use Green Guard to clean carpets since deionized water attracts minerals and dust particles in the same way regular water does, but with the advantage of not leaving a residue or any harmful chemicals behind.

Are you searching for Carpet Cleaning in Spokane or Carpet Cleaning in Coeur D’Alene that is safe for your family and won’t harm your carpets? We look forward to meeting you and showing you the fantastic results of our Green Guard Carpet Protector! Call CleanCo Carpet Cleaning today to schedule an appointment.

Why Are We So Much Different?

Our staff utilizes Green Guard to ensure a detergent-free cleaning on every job. We also use truck-mounted cleaning equipment that provides nearly five times more suction than traditional carpet cleaning tools.

Don’t be taken advantage of by this industry secret!

Contact CleanCo today at 509-892-1922 to learn more about us as a professional carpet cleaning company in Spokane and how we can provide your family with more reliable and long-lasting service! We also handle commercial carpet cleaning and have many industrial and commercial customers. Call us and find out if CleanCo can beat your current provider’s quote!


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