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Wood Floor Revitalization Services

Whether it's engineered, laminate, hand hewn, or traditional hardwood, CleanCo Spokane has you covered!

Are you looking for a non-invasive way to keep your wood floor finish looking great without sanding? Don’t worry, there are alternatives to expensive and time consuming floor revitalization. At CleanCo Spokane we use Basic Coatings’ Dirt Dragon floor scrubber. The Dirt dragon utilizes cylindrical type brushes which allow it to effectively clean hard wood surfaces without damaging the wood or its original finish. The Dirt Dragon is designed to offer the deepest clean available extending the life of your hardwood floor without costly and extensive sanding type revitalization. This means it requires less time and is more affordable than other methods. Unlike conventional revitalization, there is no dust or odor associated with this process.

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Overtime, your wood floors can be damaged and loose their charm. 

Revitalization of your floors to their former glory is a cost effective way to make your house stand out.

CleanCo Wood Floor Cleaning and Finishing Process

We first use Basic Coatings wood floor cleaners alongside the Dirt Dragon to clean the surface of the wood and remove any surface dirt or grime associated with use. Some types of stains are more difficult to remove than others and may require one of our trained professionals to examine the floor before a quote can be issued. The Dirt Dragons self-contained water pressure system is instantly self-drying, preventing any standing liquid from damaging your wood flooring. Secondly, we use a water based self-leveling polyurethane coating to protect your flooring after it has been cleaned. Water based polyurethane coatings are low in odor and dry quickly ensuring your floor looks great and is ready to use again within hours! This leaves a protective layer on the wood flooring that allows it to be cleaned easily in the future. With the help of our experienced staff, we can assist you in keeping your hard wood floors clean, protected and well maintained all year long.

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