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Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Tile floors and grout can be challenging to keep clean. Everyday living can be hard on grout lines. Dirt and grime can settle into the grout lines leaving them looking dark and dirty. Because of their porous nature, tile and grout absorb dirt, oil, bacteria, and grime. Tile and grout cleaning can be a tedious and difficult process, and without the proper tools and techniques can actually make the appearance worse in the long run. Residues from mops and soaps can build up a dingy layer on your tile or grout. Professional cleaning is the best way to maintain grout and tile to keep in a “like new” state. Fortunately, Cleanco carpet window and air duct cleaning has the tools and know-how to help. Our experienced staff will use the best tools and products available to get your tile and grout to polished perfection. Cleanco uses the Hydro Force SX-12 pressure cleaning system that utilizes high pressure ultra-pure de-ionized water and powerful suction to thoroughly clean your tile and grout while instantly removing the water. This process leaves you with beautiful clean tile floor and brand new looking grout lines.
Are you looking for a non-invasive way to keep your wood floor finish looking great without sanding? Don’t worry there are alternatives to expensive and time consuming floor restoration. At CleanCo Spokane we use Basic Coatings’ Dirt Dragon floor scrubber. The Dirt dragon utilizes cylindrical type brushes which allow it to effectively clean hard wood surfaces without damaging the wood or its original finish. The Dirt Dragon is designed to offer the deepest clean available extending the life of your hardwood floor without costly and extensive sanding type restoration. This means it requires less time and is more affordable then other methods. Unlike conventional restoration, there is no dust or odor associated with this process.

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Tile absorbs dirt, oil bacteria and grime leaving your floors looking dirty and old. 


The best way to maintain your tile floors is by using a professional.

Stone Floor Polishing

Cleanco offers stone floor polishing for marble, limestone and travertine. We can return your stone floors to a beautiful brand new condition quickly and easily, call today for more details.

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