Lesser-Known Benefits of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

commercial air duct cleaning

Running a business and renting/owning an office space entails many different responsibilities. Outside of keeping you and your employees happy, keeping things clean is a necessity.

Vacuuming, mopping, and other chores all come to mind. After all, you’re bound to be a lot less productive in a dirty workspace.

But what about keeping your air clean?

Sure, there might be an air purifier or two sprinkled around the office, but few Spokane business owners ever take a closer look at what those big square air ducts are pumping in and out of their offices. However, if you venture up there and take a look, you might find your breathing situation to be a little dicier than you thought.

Mold, dust, and who knows what else can get trapped in your air ducts, which is why scheduling a commercial air duct cleaning is so crucial. A clean duct system can eliminate foul odors and harmful bacteria, and even cut energy costs.

But how does a duct cleaning even work? Is it really necessary? And how harmful can having dirty air ducts really be?

It’s vital for Spokane business owners to be informed about these dangers, so let’s dive into some of the benefits of keeping your commercial air ducts clean!

Why Dirty Air Ducts may be a Hidden Office Culprit

The air circulating your business can be the difference between your employees and clients having an enjoyable experience visiting/working there or not.

Sound intense? Well, it kind of is.

Everyone’s probably aware that cleaning your air ducts can help eliminate some of the dust build-up within them, but perhaps what isn’t as well known is that, with enough time, this dust can come right back at you.

After a while, all that built-up dust dislodges again and gets pushed out through the ducts. If you notice that you have to dust your countertops and desks once or twice a day, dirty air ducts are probably the culprit.

On top of that, moisture can enter your ducts and form mold. Mold in the air can not only aggravate seasonal allergies but can even lead to upper respiratory infections, which are seriously nasty stuff.

Dust and mold might seem gross, but that’s nothing when you factor in rodents and insects. Dead bugs, food, and feces can end up in your duct system, which will become the air you breathe.

The final kick in the shins comes in the form of chemicals. Especially for commercial ducts, fumes from chemicals used to clean the building can end up being recirculated in the air ducts, which can be potentially harmful to any workers breathing them in.

The solution to this dilemma is regular commercial duct cleanings. However, how thorough are these duct cleanings? Can they really get everything out?

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning – Just How Much Can It Help?

The benefits of scheduling a regular duct cleaning every few years can make a world of difference when it comes to clean, healthy air.

We’ve already talked about the potentially harmful pollutants you could be breathing in every day, which is why scheduling an inspection can be pivotal for your workspace.

Bacteria, mold, and dust can all lead to a dirty building, but they can be eliminated relatively quickly with a thorough duct cleaning.

On top of that, a commercial air duct cleaning can actually help you save money. That might sound too good to be true, but let us explain.

Because your air ducts are clogged with dust, mold, and who-knows-what-else, the fans and motors that power the system have to work extra hard to distribute air evenly throughout the building. On top of that, this extra work puts more stress on the duct system, leading to some costly repairs.

It’s definitely something that should be avoided, and by having your air duct system cleaned, you can keep those costs away.

Scheduling Your Next Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

So, you’ve heard all the dangers associated with dirty air ducts. Costly upkeep, pollutants in the air, potential damage to the entire HVAC system; it’s the stuff of nightmares.

However, scheduling a simple consultation with a reputable Spokane air duct cleaning company can help.

At CleanCo WA, our specialists utilize some of the highest-caliber tools to get the job done. We prioritize the thoroughness of our work, meaning each of our Washington clients can relax and know that their air ducts are getting properly cleaned with no contaminants left behind.

If you’re interested in having a professional inspect your commercial air duct system, contact us at 509-892-1922. We’d love to talk with you more!

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