Carpet Cleaning for Pet Owners

carpet cleaning for pets

Having pets doesn’t mean you have to remove your carpet to avoid the accumulating pet hair, odor, and stains that always seem to come with pet ownership. Whether you have one pet or many, accidents will happen and carpet cleaning will be a necessity at some point. However, when these problems do occur, cleaning up the mess promptly and using an odor remover are a few strategies for keeping your carpets clean in between hiring an expert to do the job right.

Carpets are prevalent in every house. Nothing feels better than ending our daily routine and sinking into the softness of our carpet. This is frequently the ideal area where we all sit to do just about anything. It’s our favorite place to snuggle and interact with the pets we adore so much. However, it’s easy to get distressed when dogs or cats begin destroying your carpets. Although we love our pets, most of us do not want them ruining our beautiful carpets within our homes with repeated accidents.

The majority of us, as pet owners, find it difficult to clean up the messes made by our dogs or cats to our carpets. Worse, some of us are doing things that we aren’t supposed to do, such as applying chemicals to remove stains or incorrectly cleaning them. Fortunately, expert carpet cleaners like CleanCo can save the day.

Get Rid of Pet Hair

Dog and cat hair can accumulate on just about everything, including carpets. A shedding pet may leave a trail of hair across the floor that clogs your vacuum quickly. Wrapping some masking tape around an old paint roller and attaching it to an old broom or mop handle may serve as a big lint roller to collect pet hair before you vacuum. Alternatively, by using a rubber-bristled carpet rake to brush your carpets, you can manage the pet hair in clumps, which will allow you to remove it manually before vacuuming and clogging up your vacuum cleaner in between professional cleanings.

Carpet Cleaning Removes Urine

Accidents are going to happen, no matter how well you train your pet. Reacting quickly to pee incidents might help limit the damage.

When accidents do occur, it’s always best to clean up the best you can right away. By placing multiple paper towels on top of the area, you can use heavy items as weights which can help absorb more moisture from the cleaned area. Make sure you change these paper towels periodically until all the moisture is removed from your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Can Eliminate Old Stains

Cleaning urine, feces, vomit, and blood stains from your carpet can present a challenge, especially if the stains have been there a while. However, hiring a company that uses an extracting carpet cleaner to force clean water into the stained area of the carpet to extract the dirty water out will help with many stains. You may want to avoid using home steam cleaners on these types of stains, as the heat may set the stain, making it nearly impossible to remove later on. Although you may be able to remove these stains from your carpet, it will take more than a squirt and a dab, and we highly recommend that you let our expert cleaning team take care of you when it comes to removing pet stains from your carpet.

Remove Strong Odors

Our professionals can use an enzyme treatment to eliminate pet odors from your carpet, followed by an extracting carpet cleaning technique that utilizes water to force clean itself out. Any chemicals left in your carpet from prior cleaning or treatments will be removed using clean water.

Chemical residues from home-based cleaners may prevent the enzymes from removing odors from the carpet. You can sprinkle odor absorbers on a dry carpet between professional cleanings or use bio-enzymatic urine odor removers to destroy the germs that cause the smell.

If your pets have been naughty, don’t hesitate to call CleanCo to handle the mess. We have years of experience dealing with the most challenging kinds of pet-related stains and will get the job done right every time. Call us at 509-892-1922 today or use our contact page to set up your appointment, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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